Deni Clayton

Brief info

Denise has had dogs of her own for around 20 years and is a lover of all creatures great and small all though cannot deal with snakes, on the other hand, Stacy loves snakes!

Although an artist Denise loves the outdoors and walking. Had cats for many years and hopes to get a Bengal kitten in the future.

Having had a love of animals all my life, worked at a riding school as a trainee riding instructor, as well as a pet shop for many years, a time when pet shops sold puppies and kittens too.  I thought I would always work with animals.  Then reality set in!

From my twenties onwards, my work life was office based but then kept many pets over the years, cats, hamsters, a rat, turtles, fish etc. My first Dog body was the most amazing pet, he was more human, he passed away a couple of years ago just missing out on his 15th birthday which is a great age for a Golden Retriever, we know have a Golly Dog which is a cross Border Collie x Golden Retriever.  He too has turned out to be a wonderful pet now 3 years old.

I am also an artist which is my other day job, so dog walking, pet services blending my art is a wonderful work life balance. Animals are a lifeline to many people and give so much to their owners, I really think we should all do our best to make all pets and animals live a life of love.