On The Go Day Care

The day will include 2 Walks and lots of socialisation  (approx 6 hours)

Something that is just not a walk in the park!

Typically starting the day in the morning,  we will transport your dog away for a fun-filled day out.  We will provide a stimulating day filled with walking, river swimming, hole digging etc,  along with time to rest in between walks.  Your dog will return home, tired and content!

Daycare for active dogs. A day of fun out with the pack.* NOT a home daycare service
Book early to avoid disappointment, as very limited spaces are available.

Please note:

Please ensure that your dog has not eaten in the hour before pick up. This leaves sufficient time for your dog to digest food before any exercise or play. Failure to do so may result in the potentially life-threatening condition Bloat (Gastric Torsion)

Cost  £25 per day