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Chilterns Dog Rescue Society


Chilterns Dog Rescue Society

Chilterns Dog Rescue Society was founded in 1963 by Mrs Dolly Bromley so our history now stretches over 50 years. Dolly found a small dog tied up and abandoned in Amersham. After trying to locate its owner, she took it to the local police station where she was horrified to learn that if the dog was not claimed, it would be put down at the end of the week. Dolly refused to accept that and, being unable to keep a dog herself, she telephoned friends and acquaintances and found it a new and loving home. Those who became involved with this one little dog soon became aware of the need to help other dogs in distress.

This was the start of the Society which, until 1985, was known as the Amersham and Chesham and District Dog Rescue and Welfare Society. Soon, all lost and unwanted dogs in the area were being referred to the Dog Rescue for rehoming.

Website:           https://www.chilternsdogrescue.org.uk/

Telephone:       01296 623885


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